Renting in the Northern Virginia Market

Why have a Realtor help you find your next rental?

Did you know a Realtor can help you find your next rental, and as the renter 99% of the time you can have them work for you for free as the landlord covers their commission?

But…you ask…what are the advantages of having a Realtor in your corner?

All too often renters are searching for a particular type of home, in a particular area, for a particular budget: and don’t have access to tools that best enable a productive use of time and energy. All too often I get lists of homes pulled from websites of which many were rented long ago, but the site was never updated! Imagine the frustration of individually calling each of those listings and then finding out that half of them are gone!

With a Realtor, you can get accurate up-to-the minute home listings fitting your criteria sent to you- and you can visit them all in one go. No calling and setting up 15 different appointments, with 15 agents for 15 homes. Nope! You call Your Realtor, tell them which homes from the ones they sent you that you are interested in and you’re done. Your Realtor can take you out, and you can see many homes in one fell swoop, instead of spending all week trying to get from place to place!

I am an active Rental Agent throughout the Northern Virginia area, so give me a call today if you or someone you know is looking for a new rental. It is a great deal, and a great savings of your precious time!

Liz Headshot                                                                                                                                       Liz Replogle
Military Relocation Professional
Century 21 New Millennium
5990 Kingstowne Towne Center
Alexandria, VA 22315
703-491-9570     Office
Licensed in the Commonwealth of VA




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